Help identiying a vintage kick drum


I bought this drum for, I think, around $50 a decade ago at a shop in Maryland that had very little info about it. I swear to you, it was in this condition when I got it. I have never been in a band called "Pink Panther".

This is a 16x20" drum.

Given the presence of the cymbal mounting hardware, I assume this is from the 1960s roughly. The hardware doesn't seem to match what I see on the old Gretsch, Ludwig, Rogers, Slingerland drums of that time frame though and the badge is broken off. You can kind of see the fragment of it on top - it was a small rectangular badge, at least the one that left an imprint on the wrap. I can take a closer photo but it doesn't look like the common badges of those drums either.

Part of my interest in figuring this out is to determine if there's much reason to pursue this as a refurbishment project or just try to get rid of it since it's taking up space in my small NYC practice room. I estimate it'd cost something like $200 to rewrap it, replace the hoops and heads, which seems a bit silly if the underlying shell is a cheap knock off to begin with.




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Hard to tell. I would venture to say it's a Japanese made knock off of something. Looking through rectangular badges from the past the only name I recognize is Kent. The others are so off the wall I won't even list. I will say it can be stripped of the wrap, stained or rewrapped, lugs and tods cleaned, new heads and I bet you can tune it up to the point it'll sound pretty good. Be nice to see the inside of the shell to figure out type of wood. My guess would be Luan.
Two more images, one showing what would have been the badge. There is an 'N' in it, but this is the extent of the identifying info.

The grain is horizontal - to my eyes looking more like maple than what I've seen of luan?



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I'm no vintage expert by any stretch of the imagination, but that rering looks rather large and not of ply configuration.


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Look Familiar??

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Look Familiar??

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Fantastic bit of archaeology. That Joe Cox one looks very tasteful - and the wrap looks the same one.