Help identifying drum set


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I am hoping to get some insight on a drum set that I inherited from my father who passed away last year. He was a music lover and drummer his whole life, and I know that his drum set is at least from the '80s, possibly older. I am very unfamiliar with the musical instrument world, and was hoping someone could help me identify what kind of gear I have here. The only info I can really identify is that the burnt orange set all has "Remo" listed on the drum heads, and there is one silver (snare?) drum that is different from the rest and is a Ludwig. I have a few pictures but can post more if someone is willing to help me out. Thanks!


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Any clear heads on the drums so that you might see a label inside them?
Remo is a brand of drum head.
They look like old Gretsch to me (and matching bongos? ) Closer pictures might help. Usually drums have a "badge" around a hole with the brand name displayed, like your snare drum.


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The tom mount looks sort of like a Gretsch tom mount, but not exactly (from the ones I've seen anyways). If it's a Gretsch, they may have been rewrapped at some point and the badges not re-attached. I'm 50/50 on this being either a Gretsch or a stencil kit, but I'm no expert. The key to all of this is to be able to see inside the shell.


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Those are MIJ (Made In Japan) drums. The tom mount and "Slingerland Copy" lugs give it away. The snare is nice. Ludwig Standards were a Ludwig budget line in the early 70's, but they used the exact same 3-ply shells as on their high end stuff, just with different lugs, wraps and "Granitone" textured gray spray paint on the insides of the shells. The snare is essentially an Acrolite without the center bead and different lugs. Nice find!


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The snare is a Ludwig Standard. Great snares. Ludwig marketed these snares and drum kits from 1968 to 1973 as a competitor to the inexpensive Japanese kits that were flooding the market.