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Found these today looking for a deal. I'm not well schooled in vintage drums. Any idea what brand these are? Owner thinks they may be Slingerlands. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


He said the lugs are similar to a slingerland didn't make any mention that he thought it was a slingerland kit just keep that in mind. Says rough condition and can't really tell from that pic but if it's me I'd steer clear save up a few more bucks and get a kit that you know exactly what it is.


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Deffinately NOT Slingerland but a Japanese "stencil"kit.A lot of those with good heads and tuning sound great.I'd say worth 99 bucks in good condition.If they are banged up or out of round ,then I would say forget it.Good luck.

Steve B


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Thanks guys for the replies. I already have three kits but I enjoy looking for deals on gear. You never know when something sweet will come about.