Help Getting A New Kit.


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Im thinking about getting a new kit to keep at my bands practice area. I'm tired of dragging my Brady back and forth to practice without any cases (BTW I decided i'm not selling the Brady). My budget is $400. I used to think that wouldnt get me anything, but I was wrong. I was looking at the used stuff at Guitar Center online, and there are some pretty amazing deals. Heres the deals im considering...

Which one of these do you think is the best value? (Feel free to suggest any)


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You move the Brady without bags or cases!!!
I won't go there.

Just buy any used kit in the sizes that you like.
Any kit will tune and play well enough for practice.
I just use a 5 piece Tama Stagestar with an 18 inch bass drum and a 13 inch Black Panther snare for practice.
I love it. It plays fine. I bought it for $200 and the snare for $125.
I leave it set up at the Guitar players house and I just bring sticks and pies.


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To hell with the second cases...drum bags at least.Then buy a used stencil kit on ebay or CL for 100-150.For practice...who cares what it looks like.
What happened to the Pearl Forum kit for 80 bucks?

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IMHO...the Pearl Export look good and its a 5 piece and at the price...hard to beat. Course, youre going to have to drop some coins for stands and cymbals...does Guitar Center have any used cymbals and stands ?? If so, have em make you a package deal.


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I have played a pearl export with that finish from that era,really quite good IMO,see if they will throw in some used hardware for a few xtra bucks,and please get cases for the Brady.


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I used to drag my Pearl Export 5-piece kit all over the place to play. Then I decided to leave it at church, and buy a new kit that I play at home and on gigs. Problem solved - the Export series is a bargain for the money.


Ah, looks like my derogatory post was deleted. Have another one.


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Nobody here believes you even have a Brady kit.
So you must prove it or you will be forever laughed at.