Help finding my next stick


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I play nylon tip sticks mostly. I really like ball tips, and there are so few options out there. Most of the ball tip sticks are pretty heavy. I play a very light stick.

I'm looking for: 16" length, .520 width, with a ball tip. And not a mini ball tip. A full size ball tip. Basically, I want a Vater Fusion nylon tip stick, but at a much smaller width.

Anybody know where I might find something close to 16"/.520/nylon ball?


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The HD4 is the same dimensions. It's hickory instead of maple, but I don't believe it comes in nylon tip. If it does it would be HD4N.

Don't know about other stick companies, but the VF site lets you search by length, diameter, taper, etc.



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Vater Manhattan 7A. 16” length, .540” diameter, ball tip. A little thicker than you specified but close. The wood tip model has a ball shape, but the nylon model has more of an acorn shape.


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Vic Firth Omar Hakim Signature. It's thicker than you want but I would try it. Also, you might like the Regal Tip Quantum 1000.

If you are using a ball nylon tip, how do you keep from denting your heads?
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I haven't dented a head in 30 years. I play with a light touch.

I have a coupla pair of RT Quantum 1000. Nice stick, but, for what I am looking for, it's a bit too thick, and that ball is too big.


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I can't think of a stick with a nylon tip but how about the Vater Sweet Ride? You can get it in maple to reduce weight but maybe that sound is too mellow to your ears if you like nylon tips. There's also a hickory version.
Funny you mention that. I just came here to post exactly that. :)

I have two pair of Vater Sweet Rides in Sugar Maple.

I wish the tip was a little bigger, but at least it is round.

It is a very good stick. And I am noticing a significant difference in cymbal and shell tone. Didn't know such a thing existed, but that wood really yields some nice tone. They sound fantastic on cymbals - including the hi hat.

I will continue using them, at least for a while. Very good stick. If they made that ball a little bigger, and put some finish on the tip, that would be pretty close to perfect for me.


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I have to go to work a little later today - ear appointment - so I re-read some comments.

Is it actually a Thing that round tips contribute more to head dents than oval shapes? I never heard that before, and I guess I don't think much about that stuff because I really don't dent heads. I only dented heads as a teenager when I equated good playing with hard playing, and I used monstrous sticks. My hands would bleed from playing.

I am 180 from that player now, and I haven't seen a dent in 40 years.
All the better, then. I was just throwing it out there because you were asking for a LIGHTER stick and maple has a lower density than hickory. But if you're comfortable with the small diameter, you're settled! :)


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The tip looks good on that one - but it's .570.

I found something ever so slightly better than the Vater Sweet Ride Maple.
It's - Zildjian Super 7A Maple. .525.

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This is a good stick for me. Nice weight, feel, sounds excellent. I always wish these wood round tips were bigger, but I guess I am in the minority on that. Otherwise, a fine stick.