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Let me give some back story. Our 5-peice band hasn't practiced, jammed, or wrote for about a month. Every time we plan for it, there's some unavoidable event that prevents us from meeting. We finally found a gap in the schedule (tomorrow the 5th) and I was asking everyone if they could make it. Our rhythm guitarist, who is the "punching bag" of our band, said he was planning to go jam with arguably the best guitarist in our area. We had considered kicking out our rhythm (him) and bringing in the better one, but we didn't because we're better friends with our current one.

We were thinking that if he would rather go jam with someone he hasn't played with before than his own band, he shouldn't be in our band. This is just kind of a sinister idea someone came up with; we kick out our guitarist and bring in the WAY better one that he wants to jam with. It would honestly benefit our band to have another good guitarist. He may not even go to his house tomorrow so this is just hypothetical.


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Are you guys just a bunch of friends who like to play, or seriously trying to scratch out some living or supplemental income from this band? If it's the first, I would say friendship first.

But really, the whole "should we kick him out" attitude is a bit juvenile. It's like 7th grade, "Oh, Jimmy's been sitting over at Ben's table for lunch let's not be friends with him."

You guys need to all meet for lunch or coffee or something and discuss what your individual and collective goals are with the band, and after this serious talk, maybe you'll have to make some tough decisions.

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Really, internal band politics have nothing to do with us. You guys have to sort it out. I will emphasise communication before making any decisions.

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If I had the opportunity to jam with the best guitarist in my area I would do it. I live in LA so it's probably someone really good.


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I don't think I would take to kindly to one of my band members skipping out on practice to go jam with someone else either. Then again, you haven't played in a month, so can you really blame him? Gotta get our music fix sometimes. Though I do agree with the rest, you all need to have a serious chit chat before you all go postal on each other.


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Definitely have a talk. Since you guys haven't played together in over a month, I wouldn't worry too much about the guitar player jamming with a friend. I can't say I wouldn't do the same if my band didn't practice for over month.

It sounds like you guys need to discuss your goals for the band. Maybe you can add your guitar player's friend as an additional guitarist? Especially since you mentioned he was so good. It may not hurt to ask.


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I just got kicked out of a band two weeks ago for reasons that were not entirely my fault. So I am sensitive to this "junior high school" mentality. We're all over 30, so this was kinda crappy.

Our band didn't rehearse for several weeks even though we had a major gig coming up. The singer/rhythm guitar player couldn't make rehearsals because he had to work late, couldn't afford the gas to get there, etc. The bass player didn't make rehearsal beacause of "family issues" and on more than one occastion he didn't make rehearsals due to his commitment to other bands and gigs. The lead guitar player couldn't make rehearsal because "something just came up, guys...." I was the only one available.

And then our rehearsal time and location became an issue because the lead guitar player got a new job where he works from 2 pm - 10:30 pm M-F. Nobody can begin rehearsals at 10:30 pm.... And our reheasal venue was taken away because on Saturdays they have Karaoke then. Two guys live in apartments so rehearsal there is not an option. Blah blah blah.

Yet somehow all this was MY fault and got thrown in my face because I was the newest member of the band and they needed someone who could play well without rehearsing with the band. "Play well without rehearsing with the band." No charts, nothing. Just sit in with the band at gigs and play.

So due to these lame excuses, the bastards kicked me out. And their idea of reheasals were running through a song twice and then celebrate because they "had it down"... Didn't matter that the song was changed up every time we played it, they wanted a drummer who could "wing it" and sound fantastic, even though the three of them could make mistakes. And they did at gigs.

We played Texas country and Texas rock.

What really chaps me is NONE of this was ever brought up before - no meetings to discuss things, etc. Just thrown in my face when they fired me.

So my advice is to meet as a band and discuss where you are as a band, and where you want to go, and what everybody's level of committment is. If it's just buddies getting together to jam, let it slide. If it's a business and you are gigging and making money, then it becomes what is best for the business.
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Well, I've got a feeling he was tipped off by the bass player that he was on thin ice. When I asked him if he was coming his answer was a little too perfect and he showed up. I wasn't going to kick him out just for skipping practice. We've had countless days where people couldn't make it. As to the direction of the band; we've played one gig with mostly covers and are writing songs to get a better gig. Really, the aforementioned bass player and guitarist don't contribute much to writing so when we are done jamming they just kind of sit there while the other guys write.


I went through a similar situation about 2 months ago.

The lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist and myself (we have no singer) all agreed to kick our bassist out. It took him 6 months to learn a basic song (and he STILL doesn't know it), and simply doesn't have the commitment or ability to keep up with the rest of us.

At this point, the band is at a crossroads. We don't know where to go from here. We have some underlying problems, so we've agreed to sort out a date for lunch and discuss everything that's going on.

The problem is already resolved, obviously, but if anyone runs into any kind of band problems, communication is the best policy. If you think someone isn't pulling their weight, talk to them, and discuss what their priorities are. Come to a compromise. If they simply can't be bothered, then they shouldn't be in the band. If you think there's a problem with everybody's attitude, or there's a lack of action, discuss that, too.

Remember, in a band, it shouldn't just be an individual bunch of people acting on their own. Everybody should be supporting each other, and working as a team.