Help! EAD10 is acting up


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So I bought a new Genuine Apple $65 Lightning - USB3 Camera Adaptor for my Yamaha EAD 10, but whenever I use the app and hit ‘record’ it says “please connect to a device” (it’s fully connected with USB-A/B cables and also has the extra lightning port in use as well). I’m starting to think that maybe my module is a lemon. Everything is connected perfectly well but it’s not recognised! What really triggers me (pardon the pun) is that about a month ago I was using a regular USB female to lightning cable which worked fine until it said “not enough power”. So, I did a deep dive and bought this new cable which supplied more power, enabling it to work. But it doesn’t.

please, if there’s anything you think I should try before returning my EAD10, let me know.
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