Help!! Drop clutch for old cymbals


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I have a set of 50's 15" Zildjian hats that really sound awesome however I cannot use my drop clutch on them, they have the smaller hole (6mm I think). Is there a clutch out there that will work?


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The only solution that I know is to drill the hole larger. I had to do it to several of my old pies as I began to use modern hardware.
It doesn't hurt the cymbal. I drilled mine years ago with no ill effects.

Red Menace

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+1 to drilling. I had a vintage cymbal that my in-laws got me. I paired it with another cut down crash to make a surprisingly good pair of hats. The vintage cymbal had the smaller hole, I think it was from the 30's-50's. Only advice beyond that would be to take your time and use a nice, sharp bit. I did not and would up with a wonky cymbal home that I had to fix with a file.