Help Dating Ludwig Kit


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Hey all, I'm trying to date this Ludwig kit, but I'm confused with the serial number chart.

The drums sport the following numbers:

  • (16x16) 1834xxx (Pointy B/O)
  • (16x18) 1837xxx (Pointy B/O)
  • (9x13) 2014xxx (Round B/O) (Rivets in Wrap)
  • (16x22) 2014xxx (Round B/O) (Rivets in Wrap)

The Ludwig Serial Number Chart reads

1976: 917xxx - 1290xxx
1978: xxxxxxx
1979: xxxxxxx - 2013537
So does this mean the 1834 drums are from '78-'79? And are the the two 2014 drums from the early 80's?

The 13" rack tom and 22" bass drum both sport Ludwig's Modular mounting system.

I can provide pics if desired.


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Pointy Blue Olive badges were in use till 1979 , rounded corner Blue Olive Badges were after that time, so your dating is pretty close.

The rivets in the wrap date your kit to early 80's.


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Badge numbers are not the "end all" for dating drums. I special ordered some Luddy kicks (Vistalite 22x16 virgins) in 1980, and they came with pointy corners. So badge rules are not exact. The are ballpark, only. Modular hardware came out in 1980. In short, you're assertion is as good as anyone's.​
Main reason (I think) serial numbers started .... it was the law. Serial numbers started around 63, for Ludwig. It's a way to ID a drum, for insurance purposes, and in case they get stolen. The date stamp inside a drum shell, is far more accurate (for dating) .... but not much good in recovering stolen property.​
My 26, 13, 16, 18 Luddy is all 6 ply shells .... nice tubs you have there. Pics would be cool, just cause we like eye candy.​


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Here's a teaser. These will be up on eBay soon. Ten points to whoever can guess the owner. ;)



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Joe Morello.Yeah early 80's because of the rivets.Not Ludwigs finest hour.It's not unusual to see mixed year serial numbers on kits.Still,nice 6 ply shells.

Steve B