Help dating a used DW Performance set


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Happy Thanksgiving!

I traded for a used DW Performance set earlier today. I've pulled the heads off, but I can't find a date stamp inside any of the drums. I'd like to know when the set was created. Is there any way to get an approximate date based on the serial numbers? The numbers are:
  • 12" tom - 532xx
  • 16" floor tom - 532xx
  • 14" snare - 535xx
  • 22" bass - 635xx
I'm also curious as to the bass drum having such a higher number that the other three. I'm wondering if sometime in its life, a previous owner replaced the bass. Or maybe the bass assembly line had a different batch of badges ;) .



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Performance series individual drums are produced in runs, and sold in varied bundles or individually, not necessarily as complete kits, nor as "custom" kits. Therefore the serial numbers would not be consecutive, nor could they be even close. Add-ons are readily available and would not affect the long term collectability or value. The whole series was designed to be an off the shelf "build your own kit".

Send the serial numbers to DW and they should have production dates for you.


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Thanks, Rotarded. I actually did contact DW, but the support rep couldn't date them by serial number. No construction stamps or codes on the insides of the shells. And unfortunately the set is pewter sparkle, which has been produced since 2010, so no joy there either. I guess it will be a mystery!


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Pretty kit!

I'm actually surprised that the Performance Series has been around since 2010, it does not seem like it has been that long.

I guess that I'm getting old. :D