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My cover band currently covers Sober and Stinkfist by Tool. Now we are probably going to cover "The Pot"..... can anyone help me with a transcription of this song? Thanks


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I wish I could as I would like a transcription of the song too. One resource that could definitely help you would be Youtube. I have seen many covers of this song posted on Youtube. Some of them seem to be very accurate. Pick the one you like the most and it should make things easier. Actually I think there is even a video of Danny Carey playing it at a clinic with a close-up shot on the big screens. That should be accurate enough! If the view isn't good enough, I think Tbartels has a cover of that up and his Tool covers are always really good. Seeing the parts played always helps me more than just the audio alone.


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Good song choice to cover. My band is heavily influenced by Tool and the Deftones, so it's cool to see other drummers into the same styles. Like Andsometimes said, start with youtube. I was at a clinic in Kansas City where Danny Carey played a bunch of the 10,000 Days songs with just backing tracks of the rest of the band over the PA. I know there was a camera going so you could see how he played from his point of view, as well as a camera right in front of him. Look for those videos, because with any luck they also caught some of the talking he did before and after to explain how he came up with some of the grooves. Good luck!