help choosing new drum overheads


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Hey everyone. I'll start with info. I have a fairly large drumkit set up in a room that is about 12x20, 8 foot ceiling. My current microphone setup consists of audix i5 and Sure sm57 on snare, Audix D6 on kick, i5 on timbales, a mix of Audix D2 and D4 on toms, one MXL room mic (cant't remember the model) and 2 horribley cheap Behringer c-2 overheads that are brittle, thin and tinny. All of that runs into a Focusrite Clarett+8 pre and a Clarett+ Octopre. Using Presonus studio one DAW. Strictly recording at home for fun. No playing out live or anything. Just a hobby that im passionate about and I like to see how good of a recorded sound i can get in my basement.

I'm really happy with all of my close mics, but these two Behringer overheads are a real sore thumb in my setup. I have managed to EQ them to a generally acceptable degree, but im ready to ditch those and incorporate some better overhead mics. So ive got a budget of about $600 for a pair. I gotta keep cost in that range. I'm after a more full, not so harsh and tinny sound. My cymbals are on the bright side so I'm not as concerned about having a couple of mics that lean towards the bright side of the spectrum as i am in finding something that captures more of the overall drum sound in a full capacity. I still want some sheen and crispness, but not in the ice pick way that the behringers come across.

I have done weeks of research and listening to samples on youtube and whatnot. Based on what i have heard and read, i have it narrowed down to the Lauten LA-120 matched pair, and the Lewitt LTC 440 Pure. The reason that those particular models are on my radar is....the lautens seem to have a full, natural sound, and have the ability to shape the sound with both low and high pass filters, and include interchangable capsules. The Lewitt on the other hand, is a large diaphragm mic that seems to have a crisp high end yet retain a full, rich sound on the low end and capture the entire kit very well. They are both similar in price with the Lautens being a little less. The ability to change the sound with the high and low pas filters is enticing, but the lewitt being large diaphragm is drawing me towards that.

Any opinions or advice or suggestions would help me out with my decision immensely. I feel confident with my two choices here but I'm open to mics other than these in the same price range as well. Thanks for any input that you all share. Much appreciated.