Help choosing best most comfortable drum throne/stool


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I too in love with Yamaha DS 750 and feel comfortable on it while playing drum. However, I use most comfortable SPACE Seating chairs when I work in my office or take rest in the free time.
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I had the DW 500 series one but due to my mild back problems, i had to switch to a chair which was best for my back pain. To be honest, it wasn't easy at first to use the chair, but after a while i got used to it and it certainly helped with my back pain and i could keep playing drums without any discomfort. (I own the Mapux Saturn Series)


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Gibraltar is an underrated/underappreciated hardware company. They companies making the drums have an edge in marketing but don't ever rule out Gibraltar hardware.


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The Gibraltar is really really good for the money. Lasts, rock stable and very comfortable even for hours of gigging, with good hardware solutions. I use it since quite a time extensively and it's - hands down - the best throne in that pricerange in my opinion. The only better throne that I can think of is a Tama 1st chair but it is also more expensive.
Agreed. I have that Gibraltar and I love it. I bought a Roc N Soc a few weeks ago but returned it after 3 weeks as it impeded my leg movement.

The Tama 1st chair is my favourite of them all. I'm picking one up today, as a matter of fact. I'd be perfectly happy with The Gibraltar if I could have only one, though. It's as sturdy and well made as one could hope for.
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Ahead Spinal G Round or Saddle Throne. Might coast more but will save your lower and middle back while playing. My Saddle throne is comfortable. I have have mine for six months now and my back feels better after playing and I have have more energy.

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I have a round Spinal G, excellent excellent excellent. And I just got a Gibraltar motorcycle seat style replacement for a PDP throne I can't stand. It's doing pretty good. The Gibraltar is not the oversized version, wish it was. But it's still very nice.