Help/Advice How to remove logo from coated bass head


Help/Advice request

This sounds dumb so it probably is dumb but...I'll ask anyway.

Anyone know what would work best to remove the black colored Remo logo from the top, front side of a Remo coated bass drum head?

Haven't done it before and I'm concerned about smearing it around, scratching the coating or just plain screwing it up.

Yep, I want a plain, no markings front head/face on the drum and still be able to use the Remo coated model head.

Thank you very much. Dan


If it was me, I probably would paint white over the logo. Like you said, I'd be too scared that any kind of ink or paint removing would discolor or otherwise ruin the surrounding white head coating. You need an old coated head that's the same color of white as your bass head to test on... Maybe White Out or Liquid Paper might match. I don't know, maybe a little flat white paint in a cup with a real small brush, then paint real carefully just on the logo, just on the letters and the crown design, might look cool as you'd only see it when the light hit it just right, maybe. Or try a white Sharpie pen. Maybe a quick shot of flat white spray paint or white primer (you'd get more coverage quicker with the primer) instead. Just thinkin'. Just stay away from gloss of course. Seems I vaguely remember there was a product once - you could spray your worn coated snare drum head to restore the coating. Krylon has some spray paint called Make It Stone that has a real rough, granular finish. Don't know if they have it in white though.


Thanks for your response Toad.

Painting over/coloring over was a thought I had as well. Was thinking about one of those paint pens from the craft store in white or off white. The thought of removing the logo was my first thought and covering it is another option.

Still looking to see if anyone has any experience or ideas in removing the logo.

Thanks, Dan


Acetone generously applied to clean white cloth and dab gently. Lifts logo right up and does no harm to coating if you take your time.

Do not use lacquer thinner. It will remove coating from head.
I used a coin...rubbed it face down over the logo. It was gone in 1-2 minutes. All that remained was a little dust on the floor.