Help a clueless person with a Roland purchase :-)


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I will start by saying I am not a drummer or have any musical talent sadly.

My 16 year old step son has played drums for 6 years and is very talented. My family are moving house into a built up area with neighbours early next year. Currently we stay in a rural country location so noise isn't a factor. Sadly the drum kit will have to be quietened to avoid wars with the neighbours when we move.

As part of the deal for moving, I am planning to buy my son a electronic drum kit for Christmas. He keeps going on about a Roland kit and after speaking to his friend, he tells me they are expensive but will allow him to keep progressing.

I looked at the TD-11 and TD15 online and with a bit of savings and help from other family members have decided on the TD-15 after finding a great deal online.

My question is , his current non electronic kit is much larger than the TD-15 Roland kit. His current kit has more symbols and toms ( sorry if that is the wrong names I am using ). Will it be possible to add other attachments to the TD-15 in time. He has a birthday next July, so could I add other bits to the kit to make it the same size as the bigger TD-30 model.

thanks and sorry about my lack of knowledge

merry xmas


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Two things:

1. you have posted this in the wrong section. If you go to Drum Gear / Electronic drums
you will get a better response.
2. you can 2 additional connections in the module (Aux and Crash).

Nevertheless, I would not get hung up about the number of cymbals etc. You can generally cope with less.