help 26" basa drum players

just want to if you try to strike the drum in the center with a longer beater, or just below center with a standard beater.

and yes the thread should have said 26" (bass not basa) drum players.
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Don't own one but I've played many. My pedal set up remains the same for all bass drum sizes. I've always been one to set the pedal for best feel and then tune the drum accordingly. Where the beater strikes the head is of little consequence once these two factors have been taken care of. On a 20" it contacts above centre....on a 26" it contacts below centre


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I just keep my Yamaha FDDD pedals set up the same, for 22, 24, and 26 inch kicks.​


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Remember that the centre of any drum is the deadest zone on the whole drumhead.

There are no rules though. Find your ideal compromise between pedal playability and desired sound and play it that way. I play a 24" kick, and my pedal setting just happens to put my beater about centred of the head vertically. However, since I play a double pedal both my beaters are automatically hitting on either side of the centre horisontally, so I'm avoiding that dead spot. Also, I play my pedal using the same settings on a 22" kick (and any other kick size I happen to come across and play). To me, pedal comfort is more important than the sound subtleties of where the beater impacts the head.