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Hello! I am new to drumming and I hope you guys can help me out a bit!! My sister did a crazy thing and bought me a drum kit for Christmas!!! I have always wanted to learn the drums and now I can!! I am wondering if you guys wouldn't mind helping me to figure out what some of the beginning steps are? Or where to look for lessons??
Much appreciation!!



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Congrats and welcome to our forum and the world of drumming! What a nice sister you have. I can't really tell what kind of kit you have there, others on here will be able to tell you more about that, but I can tell you the first thing to do is to find a teacher in your area. If you are not sure where to look, try local music stores (that's where I got a recommendation for my teacher) or check out ads on craiglist.

Second thing, you've got a kit, you may want to spend about $30.00 and get a practice pad to go along with it. It's a great to use for learning rudiments and for when you can't practice on the kit because of the noise. Almost any teacher will probably have you get one anyways.

Congrats on your new adventure...and keep us posted on your progress. Don't feel shy about asking questions, there's a world of drumming knowledge here.

Good luck and Happy Drumming!



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Welcome to the forum - and congrats for picking the drums.

It might seem a bit over the top as a starter but here's what I (with slightly over 2 years of drumming) would recommend getting:

- As tutorial, on hand technique: JoJo Mayer - Secret Weapons of the Modern Drummer - it's THE tutorial on hand technique. Buy once, benefit for a lifetime.

- As a superb tutorial to get into reading rhythms: Pat Petrillo - "Learn To Read Rhythms Better". There's no better and more focused tutorial on this topic.

- As a practice pad: check out the Ludwig P4 - it's the first/only multi-layered practice pad ever, with different pad materials for different rebound feel, and it is way more challenging to spread stickings across those (4 altogether) pad sections than using a standard practice pad. BTW, that practice pad was developed by Pat Petrillo... see above. Smart drummer, and he's a member on this forum.

I guarantee you - all of the above will make a noticeable difference in your life as a drummer. Good luck.