Hello, My Name is Ermghoti...


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...and I prefer coated Emperors on my snares. I know, it's practically dogma to use a single ply, don't muffle, drums are supposed to ring, etc. However, I threw an Emp on my Supra due to a semi-emergency, and darn if it didn't dry out just the right amount! I always had to fold a 2" long piece of gaffer, shark-fin style, to control the end of the ring, and the other drummer would peel it off and stick it to the wall (he is about deaf from no earplugs for too long, high end is about gone). With the Emp, we're both delighted, crank it up medium tight to really tight, make sure the lugs are close to each other, and you are rewarded with a fast, sharp "cluck" that cuts beautifully, allows the snare wash to come through clearly in the decay, and the volume is taken down just a hair, so the kick is relatively louder in a groove, and the toms explode during fills.

I held off on my Musashi, and used the stock Yamaha-branded Ambassador until it had trench in the center that looked like a lemon squeezer. I went to the local shop, picked up a shiny new Amb from the shelf, froze in place a moment, and put it back for another Emperor. Same result. Snarevana.

So until further notice, It's coated Emperors on top, clear Ambassadors on the bottom, with a clear PS3 on the back and a coated Tama logo head (presumably an Evans) on the front of the kick.


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I have used coated Emperors on my snare many times. If it wasn't that, it was a clear CS Blackdot. I always had great results with those 2. For the past few years I have been using Aquarian Hi Energy heads.