Hello, My kick is moving, but not sliding.


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Hello, I've been looking on here for some time but this is my first post because I'm having difficulty searching out my problem. I have an axis pedal on a 22" starclassic. For some darn reason my kick wiggles and I can't get it to stop. Now I don't mean that it's sliding away from me, mostly when I step on the slave pedal, it wiggles. If I even push on the head it can raise on the beater side slightly. This is robbing energy and efficiency, so I hope to figure out how the heck to make it stick like glue. I've tried adjusting the heights of the spurs, different tightness attaching the pedal, even shimmying the pedal from side to side. I'm just not coming up with that the heck the problem is. I hope I explained this well, If not please just ask. Thank you!!!!


Some things to check out would be to see if your pedal is centered on the bottom of your hoop and that your bass drum spurs are equally extended.



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another thing you could try is fully extending the spurs so that the front of the bass drum is off the ground, and really tighten them down, if it longer wobbles then its balance problem.


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Great thoughts, I really appreciate the help. I'll check the hoop and make sure it's not jacked up, great place to look that I haven't though of. It seems to have gotten worse which is interesting to note. I'll try again, but I've had the spurs all the way out, all the way in, and everwhere in between with little difference to the problem. Yes they are very even, and I tighten the hell out of them considering how annoying it is when they come loose. It's not a huge movement, just enough to really tick me off. Like I said, I can push on the kick batter head where the beaters hit with very little force and can observe the describe movement. It's almost like its spring loaded to move in this fashion. I've tried completely loosening the pedal and that makes no diff. Thank you soooo much for the suggestions, this prob is a real bugger!!


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Looked at it up and down and am still confused. It seems like attaching my axis pedal "sping loads" the kick. Just so I'm clear, it lifts on the Beater side, very slightly, likely less than a half inch. When I really get flying with both pedals, it just kind of wobbles to the point that really anoys the heck out of me. Thank you!!


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are you saying the pedal is so stiff and so firmly attached to the hoop that it actually lifts the drum off the floor? i could see that happening if the spurs are lifting the front of the drum to the point where everything is resting on three points: the two spurs and the base of the pedal. if that's what's happening you could try lowering the front of the drum so it's just barely off the floor. or you could not attach the pedal so tightly. or you could put a shim on the floor under the front of the pedal.

that's kind of a weird problem!