Hello From South Africa


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Hey guys

Would just like to take this opportunity to say hi and introduce myself.

I've been obsessed with drumsticks and drumming since I was about eight years old (1975). Having seen my older sister's obsession with pop bands and teen idols I went with her to a few live shows. Somehow I was drawn to drum playing.
I got one of those little drum kits with birthday money, I paid for a three piece kit and when we opened the box found a floor tom included - bonus!
Then I was eventually able to afford a hi hat stand and some cymbals (cheap hh's and a Paiste 606 crash (green writing). In high school worked in my holidays and eventually got a Tama Royal Star Kit (power toms, wine red finish, wood ply shells) played that kit up until 2010 and then it sat unused. I gave the Royal Stars to a local music school with a directive that it goes to an aspiring drummer who can't afford a kit. In 2010 I purchased a Mapex Saturn kit in Mango burst (fusion set up = 14" floor tom). Well to me it's like a Rolls Royce! sounds brilliant, solid build and a good looking kit. Naturally I have accumulated cymbals and a couple of snares.
My gear:
Mapex Saturn 5piece (Fusion)
DDrum 13" x +-6" snare with black hardware
Pearl Brass Piccolo free floating shell
Zildjian 15" sweet hats
Sabian 13" HH hats
Paiste 14" sound edge hats (2002 range)
Zildjian 15" K dark crash
Zildjian 18" K Dark Crash thin
Zildjian Earth Ride 20" (?)
Paise China Type 2002 20"
Paiste Signature crash (cracked = bummer:( )
Sticks - various makes and models