Hello from New Mexico


I'm another guitar player who fell in love with drums. I have been playing guitar since 1980. I mostly played acoustic guitar and gigged solo until recently joining a cover band - classic rock, vintage R&B, blues, some more recent alt rock. I'm a lead singer and rhythm guitar player.

One of the rooms in my home I set up as my practice and recording space. I thought it would be good to have a drum set in case a drummer came over ;-) so my first drum set was a TD-4 with all mesh pads I bought off of craig's list for $295. I went on YouTube for a few beginner lessons. I didn't really like the sound of the TD-4 module, but was excited to learn I could drum. A couple years later (this year) I was taking a trip to Austin so checked around the local craig's list and someone was selling the full blown module of the TD-17. I offered the guy two of my guitars and ended up with the TD-17. The module on the TD-17 sounded soooooo much better than the td-4 and made me super existed to play. So excited I wanted a real kit and some lessons.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and I'm figuring out the cheapest kit I can buy, just in case I really suck at a drums. I was going for the Ludwig Breakbeats, then the Pearl Midtown, then thought about the Catalina Maple. Well I ended up with a $199.99 SPL Street Bop 4-piece. It appears SPL gets a bad wrap, but it was $200! I did read that you want to spend money on the cymbals so I didn't want to get the B8s or ZBTs - i actually tried them in the store and could hear a real difference. I ended up with the Sabian XSR pack and didn't really like those. I ended up taking back the XSRs and getting a Zildjian 391 pack and adding a used 10" A series splash. Bought some new heads, read and watched videos on drum tuning and bought a subscription to Drumeo. I've started Drumeo and have learned a new beat already.