Hello Everyone!


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I'm new here. My name is Tony Tomaino
I'm 61 years old going on 21
I've been playing since I was 7. 54 years! I was fascinated with drums as a child.
My user name is self-explanatory
My top 5 drummers are Buddy Rich, Jack DeJohnette, Tony Williams, Billy Cobham, and Steve Gadd.
I play Ludwig Maple Classics in Royal Blue stain
My cymbals are Zildjian and Sabian
Practice: I appear nightly in my basement to play/practice
I'm currently not in a band.
I've played mostly in cover bands on the Jersey Shore for 40 years. USA
I love many styles of music: Pop, Classic Rock, Prog Rock, Jazz, Fusion, African, Symphonic, etc.
No more take-out food for me as I'm Diabetic and have to behave! Odd fact: I never said I was normal! Cheers!


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Hello johnwesley! Yes, I do have a question: Are there any drummer support groups? I'm being a good husband and taking good care for my beloved wife Barbara (a.k.a. Babs, Baba, Baba Ann, Angel Cakes} who is suffering from Alzheimers. Any info and/or support will be greatly appreciated.
And thanks, everyone, for their replies! It means a lot!

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They have been extremely supportive with me. Sorry to hear about Babs' troubles. I would bet someone here knows something about what you two are going through.