hello drumwallahs


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hello everyone.
i'm new here and thinking about getting into drumming. i have had a practice pad and sticks for about 2 years. actually i had a mongrel no name kit for about 6 months more than 30 odd years ago. somehow it evapourated and i took up guitar. i stuck with guitar and now i'm almost up to below average. another 30 years and i might make intermediate.
anyway i'm interested in expanding my musical horizons and i'm drawn to the drums.
so i will be hassling everyone with beginner questions and looking for tips and recommendations on gear and technique etc..go easy on me because i am a geezer.


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Welcome from one geezer to another. Don't worry there are plenty of us here. Glad to have you aboard!


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Find out what you want out of music, now and longer term. Just goof around? Develop enough skill to find other people and perform?

Get the best gear you can afford but don't stress about it too much. Round shells, stands and pedals that don't wobble, even low end cymbals are good to start.

FInd a genre or band you would like to play and use that to inspire you with things you want to learn.

Find a teacher who understands what you want to accomplish and who can guide you there.

SOmeone will always sound better, have better gear and better skill. Don't compare yourself to others. If you suspect you should be happy, then you should be.