Hello All


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Old{59} Suffering an Old age crisis so trying to get back into some activity that doesnt require leaving the house .
Played drums way long ago and decided to attempt after 2 TIA to get back into it and try and find some co-ordination with my various limbs .
Due to oldies in close proximity Ive purchased a set of Carlsbro CSD 500 Lecci drums .
Seems to get lots of bounce back off the mesh .

ANYWAYS I have a question that someone may be able to answer .
The kit has 3 x 8" toms and 1 10" Snare etc . I wanted to add a further 10" pad and asked Carslbro now on 2 occasions re said purchase and they sadly have not replied .
I have been reliably or not been told that it doesnt have to be a Carlsbro pad but most lecci pads will work with the console . I was a bit surprised but ask the question of you experienced peeps if that might be the case , that a n other Roland or alesis etc would plug in and play ?

Thoughts and advice much appreciated and apologies for the lengthy intro. Tilt.