Hello all!!!


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What's up fellow beat keepers! New to the forum, and excited to talk and learn about my #1 passion!!

Have been playing drums since first grade (1976), and am a band director/percussion instructor for my 9-5.

Dad was a jazz drummer around town, so I actually started playing before first grade when he would sit me on his lap, put the sticks in my hands, and then help me play while he worked the pedals. So actually, my first playing experience was "ghosting" along to Benny Goodman, Pete Fountain, Dave Brubeck, The Temptations, Gladys Knight and the pips etc...

my first "on my own" adventures were playing along with old Motown stuff, Styx, Kansas and Rush <-- mom's rock and roll influence on me....got into the early 80's metal and punk stuff as well, with Minor Threat, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Celtic Frost and many of the other seminal metal and punk acts of those days blasting out of the speakers. Got into the late 90's funk/metal stuff like Primus; Faith No More, RHCP as well as more Prog Metal etc.

Played in many prog metal bands, one hardcore punk band, and then in my current band - Go Robot, Go, which is like surf punk/indie pop/lo fi stuff. That bband has stuff on Spotify/iTunes etc...did some mid level touring with them in the late 90's/eqrly 2000's. Also play bass guitar (started that in 1980 cause I wanted to be Neil Peart AND Geddy Lee), and currently play bass in a crossover/thrash group called Fools Crown.

hope to meet a bunch of people and learn great stuff here!!!


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Welcome! There's a very broad membership here and sharing and learning is highly encouraged!



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Hello. It sounds like you are a music teacher in high school. Ever jam with your students?
yep...all the time. I play bass as well, so many times they will get on the set, and we will play songs together. There are 2 sets in the room, so we an also play drums together, which I do in lessons with them

We also have a teacher rock band that plays at pep rally's, the art show, and the Battle of the Bands at school