Heel Spurs/Plantar Fasciitis?


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I had the same experience, but used a tennis ball. I also switched to more supportive/cushioning running shoes. The pain went away.

I have no experience with heel spurs.
I had it bad for about five years a number of years ago. No I never go to physicians except for ENT and my once a year physical so I was just hobbling around on it. What I did initially is use a green pine cone to roll under my feet-plenty of long-leafed pine so they are everywhere. Then I found this wooden knobby roller on a stick for massage-took it off the stick and rolled that under my feet. TBH it was painful working it out-but it seem to "break loose" whatever was the problem. No problems since. What's amazing is I broke both my ankles repeatedly as a youth so I have had poor mobility in both ankles since high school. I've always played heel up till the five years or so cause I just didn't have the mobility for heel down. But I've slowly been working on heel down-and all the activity is really improving my ankle mobility. I can't believe it! I could have avoided decades of stiff ankles if I had just worked it out. Went from stiff, to some movement with lots of popping and cracking, to now I can roll them around and no sounds or grinding-and my heel down is improving. Hey 6 degrees of separation-well actually less-but this is connected to drum therapy threads. I don't think drumming was connected to my problem but just being on my feet on concrete floors. Who knows why these things pop up-I thought I had irreversible arthritis in my hands and thumbs but that has magically subsided??
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