Heel down technique troubles.


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When I play heel down I have to put the bottom of my heel on the floor because if I do not the toe of my shoe touched the chain (yea for size 13 shoes. Am I losing effieciency? It sure feels like it. This position also tends to have me tip my drum throne backwards, not good!


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If you have a 3 legged drum stool you should set it up where the two legs are in line closest to the kit, and the single leg by itself directly behind you, that will solve your tipping problem.
I have fairly big feet too but have no problem playing either technique. If you can drop the angle of your footboard, you'll have to experiment because I'm not sure what angle I have it at, maybe around 30 degreed but I'm not sure, this will enable you to play about 1/3 down from the top of the footboard.