Heavy rides anyone?


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dang, 2000g! Mine is 1650 and I thought THAT was heavy.
That's a solid weight for a medium heavy. Should make a good crash ride. I have a 60s 18" A and an Istanbul K, right around 1500g, that make for good crash rides. It depends on other things of course, like the profile, hammering, and bell. 2000g is heavy, as in Ping ride territory.


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Oh well. The other thing I found involved math. Who wants to do math?

It really comes down to the changing definitions of Heavy, Medium, Thin etc. it's a moving target and that site doesn't allow for reality, it simply assigns an arbitrary definition to some unknown point in time. Reality is that what was once medium, for instance, now isn't etc etc.


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I have two rides that fall into the heavy category, a wonderful 21” Johan VDS which was originally a UFIP Bionic and a Paiste Masters Dark crisp ride in 22“. I never use either in small venues as they just up the anti way too much, but for big stages or outdoor gigs they step up and deliver.


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I'm not much of a heavy ride type of guy. I like my rides to be on the medium to the light size of weight because I like to crash on them a lot. And I don't really be getting a nice crash sound from a heavy ride.