Heavy 16" crash?


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For some time now I've really enjoyed playing my 13" Meinl Byzance Jazz Hi-Hats.
I believe one of the reasons to them sounding so good is the fact that the bottom cymbal is so much heavier than the top.
The bottom cymbal sounds more like a bell, weighs quite a lot, is really thick and is unlathed. The complete opposite of the top, which is extremely thin.

I now wish to make a 16" version of the hats.

SO: what would be a heavy and thick 16" crash? Any thoughts?


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Any number of Medium crashes or "Rock" crashes will work as a bottom hat. If you want an unlathed 16" crash, look for a Paiste Rude crash.

When making a set of 16" hats, keep in mind that they won't be as bright or as high-pitched as your 13" hats. By nature of their diameters, 16" hats will be a bit sloshier, or if you go the heavier route, a bit clangier...

Terrence R

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If you know anyone with a Sabian 16" Paragon crash, see if they'll lend it to you for your experiment. I believe the paragon is of a medium weight? It actually seems slightly heavier than medium to me tho.. Good luck.


An A Zildjian 16" Rock crash is listed as a Medium Heavy cymbal. Maybe too heavy, who knows.



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Does it not depend on what type of hats you like? I used to like very heavy hats (had Sabian AA Fusion Hats). If I was trying to get 16" hats like that, I would have gotten two "rock" crashes. Now I prefer more of a medium weight pair of hats. I would probably get a rock crash for the bottom and a medium crash for the top or maybe two mediums. Good luck. Peace and goodwill.