Heat wave (vs. playing ‘cold’)


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In the thread about playing cold, I mentioned the hot spell we’re having in Australia. Well today it was my city’s turn to be surrounded by bushfires. This photo was taken by a musician friend of ours as they fled their house this afternoon. They live in the leafy green Adelaide Hills, 40 minutes from the city centre. I feel very fortunate to be some distance away from this...

Not drumming related, but really wanted to share a picture of what its been like around here today.


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I was there Dec-Jan 2015-16 and remember some major fires near Melbourne and north of Perth. Scary stuff, stay safe!


Big Stu

Just in the state NSW.... (and there are huge fies in South Australia as Morrisman shows, Queensland is as bad as nsw)
Two million hectares of land have been burnt since July in more than 7,000 fires which have raged across NSW in the “most challenging bushfire season ever”.
Six lives have been lost while 673 homes and 1,400 other buildings have been destroyed.
Some days I can't see the end of my driveway there is so much smoke. The current situation is very bad and unlikely to significantly improve. There are no additional resources to deploy, no additional planes or helicopters to drop water, no rain forecast in the near future (some forecasts say May 2020). We've declared a state of emergency..
and then there's the drought....


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I’ve just found out that the house in the photo didn’t get burnt! And all of their horses are OK. Lost a hay-shed.

We get fires every year, but not always so close to the city. This particular fire was triggered by a tree falling onto powerlines on a hot dry day with a strong wind. After that they switched off power to similar areas as a precaution.
The east coast around Sydney has it 100 times worse than us this year, as described by Big Stu above.
Meanwhile, our prime minister is in Hawaii and has chosen not to cut his trip short, despite the declaration of a state of emergency. His popularity has dived as a result...