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The muso tribe is by and large a group with very intense emotions. We feel sound and lyrics in a way no one else does, and some of the stuff just touches us so deep. Rips our hearts out. More that mere music listeners, I've seen people who play music weep so easily when they hear a particular song, or a lick, or a some aspect of a tune.

I was just listening to Mclaughlin's 'Light at the edge of the world" and it has the same effect on me. Zawinul 's 'In a silent way' too. Its the chords or somethin..

Whats up with this theory?



"Uncle Larry"
We're all pussys that's what's up lol. I just think that musicians are a more sensitive breed than a construction worker for instance. I hate to use stereotypes but I don't have a better way of making a point. My dad was a mans man, a heavy equipment operator who came from dirt poor circumstances, and sometimes I felt like a girl when I would try and talk music with him. He just couldn't relate to where I was coming from, because he was conditioned to ignore feelings and just "tough it through" all life's problems. A lot of men's jobs are very macho and being a little callous is a requirement...Musicians are the polar opposite in that (referring to just the musical part) we have to be much more in tune and sensitive to the little things. Just for the record, I think a balance of sensitivity and toughness is a great thing. You don't want to be too much of either, but rather tough when it serves you best and sensitive when it serves you best. Knowing the difference is the challenge. Like I don't like crybaby men and by the same token I don't like the total macho man stereotype either. Balance is the key to happiness.