Hearing Yourself & Others in a Band


Hi, i noticed that when i play with others in a band, its difficult to discern whats going on-since drums are quite a loud instrument.
How would you cope with a situation where you can't really hear the guitarists,bassist, and vocalist over the din of the drumset? I understand the need to keep time and rhythm, but it would be good to know whats going on rather than running around blindly.

Joe P

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Ok, I'm going to be the first to tell you what everyone is going to tell you: play lighter. If you can't hear what's going on, do what you have to do to hear them. If you're not-so-inclined to learn to control your dynamics, you could always buy an expensive (in-ear or speaker) monitor system to help you hear them.


Would one of those glass sound barriers contribute to the problem apart from that? The ones you put around the front of the kit.


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The amps should be placed behind the drum kit. An amp has a very directional sound, the only way to fully hear it, is to be in its direct path. Drums on the other hand can be heard almost equally from all angles, so it doesn't matter where your guitarist stands.

I'm kind of tired, am I making sense? If the amps are behind, everyone can hear, if they're in front, only the band members up front can hear. That's one problem I see a lot of people make.