Hearing Protection - What do You Use, if Anything?

I loved my Earasers, but they eventually fell apart. So comfortable and such clear sound.
Currently using Etymotic plugs with the optional foam inserts.
If I need foldback I use KZ in-ears powered by a Behringer belt pack as both foldback and hearing protection.
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Another big recommendation for Earasers.
I tried several different types of plugs (short of custom molded) and these BY FAR are the best I have used. Great clarity and they take the 'edge off' beautifully. Used them at rehearsals and live gigs...fantastic ear protection that you forget are in your ears!
These. Love 'em.

I agree, I always use the Alpine plugs.
Although I found the older version - with the silver tube container which you had to shake a dozen times to get them out - seemed to have a slightly better fit for my ears.

I tried different sizes Earasers and didn't like them.
Somehow none fitted well and the little stick should make it easier to plug them in and out but it didn't.
I've started playing with a new group. I don't think we are particularly loud, but we rehearse in a pretty small room... so I guess we are loud for the room. I dug out my old Vibes hearing protection. They do seem to provide more of the audio spectrum than a foam ear plug. They work .... "OK" .... but am wondering what else folks may use?
What?..pardon?..aye?..too late for me..
What would be the best plan of action if I wanted ear/hearing protection, but also want to hear the music I am playing to?

I am not in a band and do t play live, but do practice to recorded tracks.