Hearing or Isolating the Bass Drum in songs?


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I have to admit, I sometimes have a lot of trouble with isolating the bass drum strikes in songs. Especially if the bass has strong presence in the mix.

Other than EQ'ing, any thoughts on figuring out BD parts quicker?


Hmmm, maybe you can search for the track or maybe some tads online. If you know where they should be it would be easier to listen for them. I have never really had this problem before. What song(s) are you having trouble with?


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I mean in general, with many songs. Too many to list. And I listen to music mostly with headphones, EQ'ing to taste.


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The quality of the sound system has a lot to do with it.

A lot of bass drum parts seem lost on in the car or home stereo. But if I put the same song from the same source on in my studio through my middle of the road studio monitors, I can all sorts of articulation I don't otherwise hear.