Hearing Game


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I have been doing these hearing test apps, tracking my hearing, the one like is By Starkey, but they are kind of limited, and I was thinking this could be made into a multiplayer game. This is how you would play it:

Each person would take turns being the player, while the rest would be listeners. The listeners form a line the same distance from the player, facing away from the player. The player would choose two notes(drums, cymbals,keys, etc), pick from, which the player would play starting at a comfortable volume and working towards silent. Each time the player plays a note, the listeners would have an opportunity to signal(thumbs up down behind the back) which note the player was playing. When a listener doesn't respond or gets the note wrong they lose that round, play continues until only one listener remains, then the next person gets to be the player, and the player becomes a listener. Any number of rounds could be played, but the winner is the one who was last remaining the most times.