Healthy Hands?


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I am 55 year old drummer and have been playing for 45 years. I have had 9 operations on my neck, lower back, elbows and hands in the last 6 years. I had developed an economy of motion style of playing over the years. My hands did all the work of playing using the clutch stroke and matched grip. I had all this happen to me due to several accidents and types of work I did. I was in customer service and eventually a software analyst. This requires years of typing. But I also did a lot of hard labor over the years like brick work and carpet installing. My hands never hurt when I played until the last 4-5 years. It all caught up to me and now Like Phil Collins I may be faced with leaving my life's devotion to drums. And like Phil I may need to leave the drumming up to younger players and devote to just singing. Sounds like an easy gig Phil.

I am due for 3-4 more operations and I am sure more needles. But I won't give up playing as long as I can be strapped in the stool and my hands and feet will move. I always say
"Never Say Die", but sometimes it might be best to change.


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That's sad, Rhino :( Is it arthritis?

If so, then maybe take singing lessons? Not as fun as drumming but maybe better than nothing? Since your hands are messed up you can tell people that you model your stage act on Joe Cocker :)