Headset for vocals??


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Fed up of banging my teeth on Mic's on a stand. Am looking for headset now to be as unobtrusive as possible & good for the odd squawk from my gob :)


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I had good luck with the AKG C520. I highly recommend you also get some kind of a footswitch so you can turn it on or off when you don’t need it (I used the ProCo Power Mute footswitch) or if you need to cough.

Excellent advice on the footswitch. (Don't want to hear me swearing at the vocalist when he get's it wrong......)


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Do not skimp on the footswitch. The ProCo one is about $140 US - the build is steel and the electronics are built for abuse. You cAn get cheaper plastic ones, but you’ll be replacing those sooner than later.

Many thanks again :) am now researching


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Rolls MS111 is $44 and says it's good for condensers, where the lower priced ProCo indicates it is only for dynamic mics. The difference I assume is if it will pass phantom power.


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I had a problem with the sound and drum bleed of headsets. I ended up with this excellent sounding vocal mic configuration.


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