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I play the basics :
I recently (5 years) realised that I like single ply better after having played pinstripe, G2, emperor..
On my two Premier kits:
Clear G1 over Clear G1 on toms, Powercenter on the snare and hazy 300 on both snares.
On the two bass drums have a clear EQ1, and Evans reso black.
On the Gretsch Renown, which tends to sound brighter, I went coated G1 on toms and again, powercenter on snare.
The bass drum has the stock Emad. Not my choice, I took the muffling ring off, and put a very small blanket instead.
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Darth Vater

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Prolite kit: Clear PS3 on kick. Clear Ambassadors top and bottom on toms. Coated PS3 on snare.
Saturn V kit: SuperKickII on kick. Clear Emps on top. Clear Ambassadors on bottom of toms. Coated PS3 on snare.


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Atm I'm using:

Gig kit: Remo Power Stroke on Bass, Emperor clear on Tom's and an Evans PSRD on snare.

Studio/Recording kit: EMAD on Bass, G2 clear on Tom's and PSRD on snare.

I've been looking into Aquarian heads for my Gig kit as it gets used and abused by me and others, especially the toms.
Tbh I quite happily use Emperor or G2 on Tom's and have always been happy with their sound, I just fancy something different.

I have never been happier than with an Evans PSRD on the snare, heck if it's good enough for Danny Carey it's good enough for me lol. Joke in the side I was using them before I realised that was his snare head of choice.

Evans/Remo tom head to Aquarian suggestions welcome. 👍

Good Karma

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Remo Powerstroke Pro Clear for my Bass

Remo Controlled Sound Coated with Black Dot for my snare

Remo Coated Ambassadors for my toms


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i have a variety on my kits. theyre all aquarian except for one kit due to it being pre-international sized toms and only remo do pre-international sized heads.

1970s premier kit:

toms - power thin batters (discontinued) over classic clear resonants

kick - superkick 3 batter w/double kickpad over ported regulator resonant

snare - coated focus-x w/power dot batter over hi-performance resonant


1960s pre-international sized premier jazz kit:

toms - pinstripe batters over ambassador resonants

kick - coated powerstroke 4 batter over unported coated ambassador resonant

snare - texture coated w/power dot over classic clear resonant (aquarians)


1990s tama backline/hire kit:

toms - performance 2 batters over classic clear resonants

kick - superkick 2 batter w/double kickpad over ported regulator resonant

snare - coated studio-x batter over hi-performance resonant


i have a variety of aquarian heads on my various snare drums, too many to list here


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A fresh set of heads just arrived here and can't wait to slap them on my kit this friday. Went with clear Pinstripes for the toms and tapped them... can hear the nice low-end in the heads and think i nailed it on getting the right heads for a low tuning. The clear Pinstripes for my 2 bass drums too; nice low end and can hear the 'thud' coming out of them. And nothing beats a pristine looking new coated CS, just something about that untouched white surface and the black dot piercing through 😍

Jeremy Bender

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* I like Remo Emperors on my Sonor Birch kit over clear Ambassadors & a PS3 batter with a Sonor "natural' front head.
I'm considering learning about Aquarian products on this kit for a change of pace.
* Snare drums I usually like a coated Ambassador over a clear Ambassador weight resonant side.
* I like a Fiberskyn or a Renaissance over a Diplomat snare side for a concert snare drum.
* I just placed a Renaissance Ambasssador on my heavy Nickel over Brass snare and it sounds great.
*My Yamaha maple kit being a more big band set up has coated Ambassador toms then coated white Ambassador batter (with a moleskin patch) and a smooth white front head on the 24" bass drum.
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Maple Kit
I play clear G1 over Clear G1 on toms
Birch Kit
I play coated Ambassadors over clear G1's

Snare batters vary widely / 300 snare side
Kicks have EQ4 clear batters / EQ3 Reso

I used white suede ambassadors back in the day. Fell out of love with the suede. Old maple kit had clear EC2 batters to be different sounding. Just felt like they didn't have the tuning range on that kit. The birch kit is new, so I will try something 2 ply on that at the next head change. just to get a feel for how they sound on that kit. I have not quite found that kits voice. The ambs are nice but still trying to find the sweet spot of that kit
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I have done back to using Remo heads after a long time Aquarian usage . I switched back to Remo for a couple of reasons - the feel of Remo heads is unique and Aquarian heads have become harder and harder to find in stock because there is no Canadian distribution right now .

My two favourite Remo sets ups are :

Rock gigs
Rack tom batter - Coated Ambassador
Rack Tom reso - Clear Ambassador
Floor tom batter - Coated Emperor
Floor Tom reso - Clear Ambassador
Bass batter - Clear PS3 with Falam Slam patch
Bass Reso - Bad logo head on Evans smooth white EQ3 reso
Snare batter - Remo CS ( preferably with white dot)
Snare reso - Ludwig X-thin or Remo Ambassador hazy

Jazz gigs
Tom batter - Remo Fiberskyn FD ( diplomat )
Tom reso - Remo Clear Ambassador
Bass Batter - Fiberskyn PS3 FD ( Diplomat)
Bass Reso - Fiberskyn Felt Tone or Fiberskyn PS3 reso .
Snare Batter - Fiberskyn diplomat
Snare reso - Ambassador Hazy

Some heads I will option in .
Remo Clear Emperors for the Tom batters


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2 sets-
- Sonorlites clear Ambassadors top and bottom (Evan's heads don't fit as well in the seamless hoops)
- Reference Pures Coated Ambassadors top and Reso 7s bottom. Sometimes clear black dots top and bottom on this set.

All snares coated Ambassadors or coated black dot.


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have always used Remo....drifted to Evans just once on my rock kit - the EC2's, which were ok, but did not hold their tone as long as I would have liked them to.

On my rock set: Pearl Master Custom Maple:
toms and floor tom: Emporer Clear batter and Ambassador Clear reso's
Bass drum: Powerstroke 3 Clear batter and Remo Custom graphic reso
1963 5x14 Ludwig Supraphonic snare: Coated Ambassador batter and Hazy Ambassador snare side

On my jazz kit: 1955 Ludwig
tom and floor tom: Diplomat Fiberskyn Classic Fit on both sides
Bass drum: Powerstroke P3 Fiberskyn on batter and Remo Custom graphic reso
1963 5x14 Ludwig Supraphonic snare: Diplomat Fiberskyn Classic Fit batter and Ambassador Hazy on snare
- (different snare than the rock set...I own 2)


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Crush Sublime Maple: Remo Ebony Emperor
Yamaha 7000 Series: Remo Pinstripes
Tama Granstar: Remo Coated Emperor

Remo Powerstroke 3 on all of them.


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Had a journey through brands and types of heads... Although it‘s expensive it was a good exercise. Catched most of the heads on videos - sometimes recorded with overheads only, sometimes with individual mics on the toms. Wanted to share the links as links only but the forum software unfolded them to Youtube-Videos...

Beginning in 2016 I tested the following combos on my Pearl MMP (batter / reso):

Amba clear / Amba clear - didn‘t like the hard attack when playing the drums without mics. Toms were missing warmth. (Video:
Aquarian Texture coated / Amba clear - same as above, little less plastic sounding due to coating. (Video:
Evans G2 clear / Amba clear - very nice sound, lot of punch and nice controlled sustain. Quite warm sounding. After a good time of playing the G2s turn dead from one beat to the other. When you take them off the drum and tap there‘s no more life in them. Good sounding heads though, fine for recording too. Very easy to tune. (Video:
Emperor clear / Amba clear - very similar to the G2, a little more lively on my set. Very versatile sound both for playing w/ or w/o mics. Records nice. The Emperors last forever, they do not sound dead if tapped after taken off the drum even after a good time of playing. Of course they degrade also with time, but for me the period of „sounds still acceptable“ is longer than with G2s. Tuning takes a little more effort than the G2s. (No video of this combo available)
Evans UV1 / Amba clear - sounded good on mics, they appeared to have quite a bit of damping in them. They had less volume than Emps/G2s and sounded a little dull for my ears. Coating is superb (no trace of use at all). Tuning is very easy with these. Found out that I hit harder to compensate the lacking punch... (Video:
Emperor clear / UV1 - interesting experiment with good results. The sympathetic ring of the resos is totally gone, the sustain of the toms is perfect for mics. Similar to the above combo with Amba clear as reso, but a tad more controlled. Also nice look from the audience to the snow white resos. (Videos:
and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqBkxenMfzY#t=1m41ss)
Remo Vintage A coated / Amba clear - these heads were very weak for my ears. They all (10-12-14-14-16) came with wrinkles in the inner 3mil ply, one of the 14 was totally dead when tapped. Installed the dead head on the snare which worked but didn‘t give the snap I usually like on snares. On the toms the heads were as quiet as the UV1s, but appeared to be even more dampened if not muffled. Played this combo only 3-4 weeks and put them off as I didn‘t liked the feedback the drums gave me with them on. (video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c14bDiARATo)

Other batters for toms I have to mention are the Emperor Suede (not: White Suede). I use them on my thicker shelled birch drums and they sound simply fantastic! They last decades... (Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cg9tC7xTjms)

Currently back to the Emp/UV1 combo above, next set will be G2 with Amba clear and test wise Diplomat clear. Had played the Diplos a long time ago as resos and always had a great sound with these especially with mics. Got a set of used one here (clear), would love to try coated ones (or Reso7).

Currently back to EMAD clear with small ring installed as batter, reso Aquarian Regulator. Good thump, good feel of the drum. Records and tunes easy.
The other head to go for me is the PS3, clear or smooth white. All batters with Evans EQ patch (the clear one).
The PS3 is also a good reso, closed or with hole.

Most of my snares have a Aquarian Texture coated with Powerdot installed. The dot supports the crack and adds some dryness in the center of the drum. Happy to use a Amba or TC or G1 coated too.
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