Heads from Musician's Friend

I quit MF. Twice they sent me the wrong guitar and then told me I clicked on the wrong guitar. I ordered an acoustic bass, they sent me an acoustic 6- string...Totally different pages on their website, yet "I" clicked on the wrong thing.
When I took the guitar to the UPS store in tiny Sun Prairie to return it, the girl said: "They sent you the wrong guitar?". Like she knew.
I live in Wisconsin. Ordered Hi hats from Sweetwater (Indiana) on Wednesday...they got here yesterday (Friday). I am exclusively Sweetwater. Rarely has anything taken more than 3 days and I always look/compare...the prices are at least the same. Their customer service is the best I have encountered.

jeeze, hard to believe they could screw that up twice. I love Sweetwater too and almost always use them when ordering heads. at the time however they didn't have the ones I wanted, which is why I went with Musician's Friend. I recently ordered a Ludwig throwoff from MF and it ended up being defective. their customer service was great and refunded me immediately.