Heads for Pearl Reference


Hi everyone...so I just ordered my new kit. A Pearl Reference in Inca Gold Burst. I was wondering what heads for my kick and toms would be. I don't like a lot of sustain but still a little boom. But also with a very clear and pronounced attack. For my toms I like a shorter amount of sustain with a clear attack but still warm sounding. Any help would be much appreciated


If I were you, I would just play the Remo heads that come from the factory with the Reference kits. With the proper tuning you should be able to make them sound the way you want them to. If for some reason you're not getting that sound, then look into other replacement heads.



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You won't have problem with attack w/ these drums, the shells are quite thick and boom is harder to achieve than you might think.

I run clear Ambassadors on both sides of the toms and a clear PS3 batter/coated PS3 reso on the kick. Throw a pillow or something else inside of the kick and cut a small hole in the reso head.