Heads For DRY Sound


I like my drums dryer than prison pork chops. I'm currently tuned to least resonance, cotton balled to taste, and moon gelled. I'm gonna get new heads.

GC sells a pack with:
22" emad1, 10", 12", & 16" g2s, and a 14" genera dry snare batter.
I would like to add ec2s for toms(g2s become the resos), a hazy300 snare side, and uhhh... keeping my crappy stock ludwig bass reso eheh...

Given I am a fan of the dryness, is this sensible?


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The Evans HD Dry has a edge ring in addition to vent holes for drier sound than the Genera Dry.

The EC heads mute a bit of the high harmonics in the toms, but they’ll still resonate well. For a truly dry tom, try a Hydraulic or Calftone.


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Evans Hydraulics were made specifically for guys like you! Use those as your batter heads. And buy a set of Rem-Os if you want even more dryness.


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I'm not sure about G2s. I have them on my PDP maples and they really sing/resonate. I do NOT have gels or dampening on them though.

Maybe hydraulics??? 2 ply heavier. . .just spit-ballin here. With enough dampening though,


Ended up getting a full set of calftones batter and reso, with a hazy 300 for the snare side. I got the calftone emad and eq4 for the bass. Luckily cbphoto mentioned those, they sounded great on youtube.