Heads for Cabria?


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Hi all.

Im going to buy a new drumhead on my drums, i havent change for many years, and the heads i use are still STOCK heads!

Im thinking, i mostly play Rock, should i go remo with:
Clear Emperor (batter) and Clear Ambassad. (reso)
or should i go Evans with:
Clear G2 (batter) and Clear G1 (reso)
what of this would you recommand? Or should i buy something else?

Atleast im going to buy Emperor X and Hazy 300 for my snare and PS 3 and PS 3 Ebony for my Bassdrum


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I think you will like either combination you described for the toms.
As for the snare, don't get an Emperor X, it will kill the sound of your snare.
If it's durability you're looking for then get the Remo CS with the dot in the center.


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as of right now i'm using Evans G2's and EC Resonants on my toms, Evans EC Reverse Dot and Hazy 300 on the snare and and Aquarian Super Kick 2 on the bass and it works works really well for playing rock.