Heads for a '69 Supraphonic


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Looking for suggestions from the community on batter and snare side heads for a 1969 (early blue/olive) Ludwig Supraphonic 5x14"..

Owner wishes to use medium tuning for classic rock.

Your thoughts are appreciated!


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Remo Ambassador for batter, Remo Hazy Ambassador for reso. Let it sing!
Plus some puresound snare wires, bog standard 20 strand blasters sound amazing but the custom 16 or 20s would sound just as good. That's the beauty of 400s they can be ran in so many configs and still sound great.


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Ludwig Weathermaster medium coated for batter (LW3314) . Ludwig C1114 snare side head. I've tried them all and I always come back to Ludwig heads for Ludwig snares. I believe Ludwig stopped making them some time ago but you can still find them online. They just seem to fit better and sound better to my ears.


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I've yet to hear a head that doesn't sound good on a Supra, depending on the sound you want.

"Medium tuning for classic rock" says coated Ambassador or Emperor to me, and I lean toward the Vintage Emperor myself. That head has the sound I expect from an Emperor and that's what I'm using on my Supra right now.

I think anyone's straightforward one-or two-ply head should sound great and get the sound you hear in your head when you think Supraphonic. About the only thing I'd personally avoid is anything with an edge control ring like a Powerstroke or something with dry vents. The Supraphonic already has a fairly dry sound and a subtle amount of metal-shell ring. Heads designed to kill that quality make Supras sound totally dead to my ears.


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I also really prefer either Ludwig's own snare-side head or Remo's no collar clear Ambassador snare side. Snare sides with deeper collars tend to bottom out a lot faster and since there isn't a ton of clearance on the 5" deep Supraphonics I really like having that extra bit of room.