Headphones-friendly Metronome

Billy Brown

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I'll probably get busted for re-posting a common thread but...

Anyone have advice for a metronome that works well with headphones.


1) Sound in both right and left ears
2) Volume control for headphones
3) Loud
4) Preferably $30 or less

iPod Touch apps would work too. I have iTick which is fine except is not loud enough.


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I like it. A little bit more but its got a headphone jack and it can play a pitch for you (helps a bit on tuning).
I decided to get a different one because I heard this one is a battery-sucker and the tempo actually slows down (slightly) when it's used quite a bit.

I paid a bit more ($99), but it has a bunch of features (almost too much): http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Korg-Beatlab-Digital-Metronome?sku=210133

But seriously, any with a volume control will work.