Headphone Amplifiers


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So if I remember correctly headphone amplifiers have a built in limiter correct? We use an Aviom in ear system at the church I play for. The other night at practice our sound guy (who I have less than good things to say about being a sound person) was having a hard time getting the close mic's to come through the aviom and had the condenser's so hot I could hear myself talk. Next thing I know he's messing with the board and a swelling feedback came back through the monitors and the Aviom and it hurt, it got loud super quick and I yanked my in ears out and I actually yelled. The leader looked at me and said "did you have your monitors in" I said yeah and that was ridiculous and hurt! I was none too happy to say the least.

So if I go from the Aviom headphone out into a headphone amplifier that should limit issues like that with the sound and feedback getting out of control in my ears correct?

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I use one of these. I love it !

It has a limiter, but I have never driven it high enough to have the limiter come on.
You are making me think I should try it to see where the limiter will kick in.

The only problem I have had with it is on some PA systems it creates a low buzz when I plug it into the AC adapter.
So I usually use the 9 volt batter instead.



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Not all headphone amps have a built in limiter.

As far as budget friendly headphone amps with a limiter goes there's the Behringer P1 which has a built in limiter and the Peavey HB2 which has an adjustable limiter, the biggest difference between the two is the input options.


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I use a Shure P6HW wired in-ear system which has a limiter built in, along with an ART myMonitor as I do backing vocals as well, and I can adjust my voice against the rest of the mix. I always have the rest of the band fairly low in the mix in any case, but it's saved my ears more than once.