Heading to Europe in a couple of weeks...


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I played at Live Music Hall, Morlenbach just before covid-times, a cozy place in a small town. Too bad the guitarist of the band that followed us slipped on the steep stairs up the entrance (this was in December, so a bit icy) and broke his arm in the fall... This was the second gig at a tour. They had to do the rest of the tour with only one guitarist. Worked out though in the end, but... Yeah. Now you know, beware the stairs :LOL: . And have a good tour!

Super Phil

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I'm close to both Monmouth and Ross on Wye. Can't currently make either date due to work but if there are any changes I'll try and make one.

Are you playing a gig inside Rockfield Studios? That's pretty cool.
No, it's not an actual gig. We just booked a day at the studio, and we are going to record live versions of 5 songs and put them on an EP that we'll call 'Live at Rockfield Studio'. We're going to Livestream it also. It basically just gives us a chance to play and record at a legendary studio.

Blk Diamond

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Sounds like it's gonna be cool tour Phil!
Bon voyage, and safe travels. :)🥁✈️