Head suggestions for Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz?


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I need to replace the tom heads on my Catalina Club Jazz and I'm not sure what to choose...I want the drums to sound as big as possible (I know it's only a small kit) and I'l be tuning them low. Style of music is indie folk, similar to Of Monsters and Men and The Lumineers. My first thought was either a clear G2 or clear Emperor, but I also like the idea of a clear Conrtolled Sound black dot. I can't afford to experiment too much since the price of a drum head in Australia is crazy expensive! For reso's I've got an old stock clear head on the 12" rack and a coated ambassador on the 14" floor...not ideal but that's what I'm working with at the moment!


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if you want a big open sound I would suggest 1 ply heads ....g1 or Ambassadors.
Always nice to change all the heads at one time, its almost like having a new kit.


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If you can find the means....

Order one set of clear Ambassadors
Order a set of coated Ambassadors
Order a set of coated Emperors
Order a set of clear Emperors.
Order one Big-Fat-Snare
Order some moon gel.

Your shelf will look something like.

Change up every couple weeks till you find what you are looking for, and learn which configuration works with certain types of parts. Rest easy knowing that you won't have to buy another head for the next 3 years and worrying that you've made the wrong decision.

Sub Evans G1/G2 if you like their logo better (/ducks).

Control dot/ring/whatever is what you would order if you find yourself using moon gel 100% of the time.
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I want the drums to sound as big as possible and I'll be tuning them low.
What does that mean? You may as well say you want them to sound "green with a hint of purple".

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Go with coated ambassadors top and bottom. Those always work and you can get high and ringy or low and thuddy.


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I have a set of those. Here is what I use:

Toms - Evans clear G2's on top and G1's on the bottoms.
Bass drum - Evans EQ3 batter and front
(I do not have the snare that came with the set.)

I play blues and classic rock with them, and they sound quite good. Peace and goodwill.
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If you're short on cash, go with a single ply coated head (e.g. Remo Ambassador, Evans G1, Aquarian Texture Coated). These will give you the most versatility and drum sound options for your money.

Leave them as is for a nice open sound, or add moon gels or some other dampening to control them a bit more.