Head Packs, Different heads

1. Has anyone ever seen head packs for non standard tom setups? For example, I play a 10,12,16 configuration, but this isnt overly common setup and companies like Remo and Evans don't make packs that have these, and thus, heads need to be purchased separately.

2. Does anyone use different heads on different drums (on purpose) with the intention of getting different sounds? For example, I like a pretty high pitched 10" Tom, so I might go with an Evans G1 or something. I like a low floor tom though, so maybe I'd go with an Evans Coated G2.

Does anyone do this? Or is there really a "valid" reason why your tom heads should be the same make/model?


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A single ply 10 mil head such as G1/ambassador allows for a wider tuning range. I like my 10" tuned med/med-high so I use an ambassador, I can't get the same openess with an emperor or g2. Alternatively on my 12 and 14" toms I use Emperors or g2's. bigger drums will not choke as suddenly when tuned higher (not that I tune these high). So to answer your question it is normal to use different types of heads throughout your kit. If it works for you and the sound you want to achieve then it is correct.


I use the same heads on my toms per kit. My Tama Starclassic Bubinga has G2 clears over G1 clear heads as does my Gretsch Renown. My Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute kit has G1 Coated over G1 clear resonant heads and my vintage Pearls have G2 coated over G1 clear heads. The only real common denominator is the resonant heads. I truly believe that the shell's size and the tuning should be the major deciding factor on the tom's sound of each set of drums, not by varying the shell thickness (Gretsch New Classics), mixture of woods or plies (Pearl Reference) or heads.