Head Combo For Oak Stave Snare Shell


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I guys, im having a snare drum built out of old oak staves and being that i have never used an oak shelled drum, i am curious as to everyones's opinion on what batter head and snare side head combo would give the best tone and response.

I've got Sabian Snare Wires going on as well, the Hybrid ones that have the brass wires on the outside and high carbon steel on the inner wires.

The shell is a 7x14 with 8 luigs and triple flanged hoops.


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Go with Ambassador batter over Ambassador snare side.

Then listen to the drum. Spend a whole week with it. Different tunings, try some moon gel on different locations, etc.

After that, decide where you need to go in terms of thickness, plys, coating, ring, and dot.