... he certainly did do it "his way"...


Matt Bo Eder

I've seen this before. Apparently, he's some kind of local celebrity in his country. Someone there was working on a documentary about that guy. You can't say he isn't into his performance ;)


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It's cute and kinda funny but I hate that the shtick gets in the way of the time and tone unlike Steve Moore, who always manages to keep steady time while looking like he has noodles for arms.


"Uncle Larry"
This always hit me as a guy who knows it's his last night.

If he's a celebrity, it kind of proves that musical prowness doesn't matter, entertainment does.

I wonder if he plays like that at rehearsal.

The bass player looks like he's embarrassed by it.


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That is clearly her father.
Poor singer, my heart goes out to her, but this is pretty funny.

Your question: if he is say shortish, 160 cm, and he extends his arm, say another 50 cm, then judging by this 'performance' the cymbal is at 2.2 meters (6.5 feet or more) height, at least.
He clearly plans his theatrics in this song, by setting his cymbal up so high.


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I don't know but he's a terrible Colonel Sander's -no one will buy KFC after that crappy commercial. I like George Hamilton as the Colonel.


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Well that's what you call "playing with feel" and you have to love his passion-takes Papa Joe to a whole new level. Looks like it has worked for him for a long career.


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I don't think i have ever felt as much happiness in my life as that guy shows doing that song.. cheesy but fun to watch :)


"Uncle Larry"
In my world, I'm pretty sure that this guy would not get hired.

That said, I'd rather see a drummer like this than to not see a drummer like this.

You have to give the guy credit for not caring what others think.

Me, I could never bring myself to draw that brand of attention.

He does make me smile. I feel for his bandmates. I think they might feel embarrassed to be seen up there with him. His bass player seems to be giving off those vibes.


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Singin' is pretty awful too.
The drumming was for the show. Too many notes, and also a lot of missing notes paradoxycally.
The point is also that he is bloody loud compare to other instruments, the bass is too shy.
This show how a lame drummer can kill a song.